Friday, August 19, 2011

Gourmet Tuyo

I have been browsing the net and reading and reading and reading when I realized that I haven't had a post since yesterday (yeah, I told myself I'll post everyday, if I can). I thought of what to post and checked my little notebook for notes and found this recipe I did just a couple of days ago to which I promised myself I will share it with you.

This recipe came about because of this shiny and good looking tuyo (salted dried fish) I bought in SM (a popular mall in the Philippines).  According to many, buy tuyo that are shiny and scales are intact for these are the ones which are not too salty.  Unfortunately, this tip is not universal for this thing I bought was what I don't like it to be - salty.  So instead of putting it to waste, I thought of doing something to it, to lessen the saltiness of the fish.  This is actually in honor and thanks to Nella's mother in Batangas, she told us how she preserves her tuyo and I called it...

Gourmet Tuyo

Fry the fish (half cook) and drain excess oil. This process is done so scales and fish bones be removed easily.

Using spoon and fork (or your fingers) remove scales and bones of the fish. Careful not to break the fish meat into shreds. This step is quite tiring though for my movements are controlled, or maybe it's just me, I was afraid that I will ruin the meat :)

Lovely, aren't they?

In a pan, heat about 1/2 cup olive oil and add 3 gloves of roughly chopped garlic.  Saute until garlic are almost brown.  Do this in low heat.

Add tuyo meat.  DO NOT STIR for this may break the fish into tiny bits.

Still in low heat, fry for about 3-5 minutes or until fish is crispy.

Store in bottle including oil.  Can be stored in room temperature for about a week.

Was I successful in lessening the saltiness of it? Yes, though not much, but better than before.

This could also be made as gift. Make some today!


  1. You can lessen the salt by adding vinegar. You may call it Gourmet Adobong Tuyo...I always make it and give it as christmas present...always a winner! hehehe happy cooking!

  2. Lessen the saltiness...correction, hehehe!

  3. oh! hi! WOW! thank you very much for the tip. will do that next time :D

    thanks for dropping by :D happy weekend!

  4. This is a good way of presenting the tuyo in a "nice" way. I might do this, too.

    Thanks for following my blog, hopped here to follow you back.


  5. Okay on this gourmet tuyo, I will need lots of rice and it will be "kamayan" style of eating. And it will be what my sister calls it "galit-galit muna." It means, no talking while eating because this gourmet tuyo will need my undivided attention. Haha!

    I hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend, Dudut! :)

    ~ ray ~

  6. i love eating tuyo! this is definitely something that i'd love to try....thanks for sharing!

    ps. tyvm for following; happily followed you back :)

  7. Thanks Dudut for sharing this... This Tuyo is in my list of dishes that i have to do and explore. Kainis lang, tuyo here is so expensive.

  8. Just saw this post now. How did I miss such a delish treat? Love the tuyo! Especially the bottled one! Now I'm craving this and want to make it!

  9. I love this Technique specially with the vinegar one! It really helps lessen the saltiness! Amazing! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments :) Hope to see you here again soon!

    2. I marinate the tuyo in water before i fry not just to lessen the saltiness but to take of the dirt and dust

  10. Replies
    1. Hi Juna!

      fresh or dried? if fresh, remove the seeds so it won't be watery. Also, if you do, shelf life will be lessen even if dried :) but it will be good and may readily be used with pasta.. :)

      Happy cooking and thank you for visiting my blog.. apologies though for my super late reply.

  11. Hi! I like the ribbon thingy. Good job!

  12. Hi! Does it have an expiration?

  13. Hi! How long does a gourmet tuyo last after it is made and packed?


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