Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pastillas de Ube and Tagaytay

Tagaytay for me means Ube Jam!

Tagaytay is about 60km or 37miles located south of Manila, just about an hour drive.  The place is near enough for Manilenos (people living in Manila) to visit the city every now and then.  Here is where they do picnics, ride horses, eat or just to enjoy the cold weather. A perfect get away from the hassle and buzzle of Manila.

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Tagaytay, with its cold weather is blessed with local produce such as fruits and vegetables plus delicacies such as jams and pies.  But there is something I always buy whenever I go to this place - Good Shepherd's UBE JAM!

Good Shepherd, as it is well known, is actually a convent of nuns who are obviously called Good 
Shepherd Sisters.  The nuns there make the best (in my opinion) ube jam.  It is thick, not so sweet and very ube!

Excited, I bought two packs of 900gms ube jam for I intend to make pies and some other ube goodies.  B opposed for she said it is too much, I disagreed and went ahead to buy the two until we arrived home and realized that, yeah, it is too much *wink*  Well, what else can I do but to put this ube into use.

Aside from eating the jam as it is, several desserts can be made out of this lovely jam and one of which is this Pastillas de Ube.

According to Google Translate, pastilla means tablet so Pastillas de Ube's literal translation would be Ube Tablets.  Although, here in the Philippines (I don't know if this is also true everywhere else) when we say pastillas, it means sweet milk candy usually with sugar coating.  Still some pastillas being sold are hard but is still has milk in it *wink*

This candy (if you can call it candy) is so easy to make.  Only 3 ingredients and you are good to go!

Print this Recipe

1 cup prepared ube jam
2.5 cups powdered milk
1/2 cup granulated sugar (for coating)

1. In a mixing bowl, combine jam and milk and mix until well incorporated.
2. Using your precious tool (your hands) form balls or logs of ube mixture and coat with sugar.
3. You may opt to wrap them individually with paper or colored cellophane.

* Store in the fridge for not more than 1 week.


  1. That is very pretty colour. I want to try some :)

  2. I don't like ube jam that's too thick either, Dudut. Aren't we lucky we have ube? It just tastes fantastic. I love any pastillas. Lovely ones you made there.

    1. yeah, we are very lucky to have ube!

      thanks for the visit, Adora!

  3. Omg, this is my favorite ! I love, love, love ube! Nice idea with the jam. Thanks for sharing, D! Hope you had fun in Tagaytay!

    1. ube is my next favorite after mango :)

      thanks for the visit, Tita!

  4. I recently stumbled on your blog and I absolutely love it!. I wanted to let you know that I'm passing along the Liebster Blog award to you. There's some info about it on my post

  5. These look really YUM! Make me think of getting my favorite fruit jams into pastillas treats :-)

    1. thanks Iska! let me know how does the other jams tastes like when you make them into pastillas :)

  6. I'm a sucker for soft pastillas and ube too. My bf brought me a bottle of Good Shepherd ube a few months ago and it lasted for about 2 days. We just ate it straight out of the bottle. Really yummy!

  7. Oooh, do you think these could be made with any jam??

    1. i think so...for "liquidy" (i don't know if that's a word" jams, i suggest you drain them a bit and go on with the recipe :)

      thanks, Amy!

  8. that looks like an easy recipe!!! i love anything with ube :D

  9. I make homemade pastlyas bt it becomes soft fast, hw can I make it hard pastilyas, any tip

    1. Hi!

      when does it becomes soft, when you are making them or after?

      while making them, use cold utensils or if you are using your hands, make sure they are cold. Also, you may want to add more powdered milk to lessen moisture.

      hope this helps.

  10. i just wanna ask, Are you sure to those measuremnts? Cuz im planning to make this recipe in our school as a part of my Practical Examination. I hope it works

  11. Hi John,
    apologies for my late reply. But yes, those were accurate measurements. If you proceeded in making these as part of your exam, I hope it went well :)

    Would love to hear how it went.

  12. Good Day Ma'am!

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    Our chosen product is Pastillas. We want to add something new to it so we decided to add a variety of flavors in it. Our flavors are nutmeg, coffee, cinnamon and peanuts.We also would like to make 'pabalat' as our pastillas wrapper to make it more presentable to the buyers.

    We would like to conduct an interview with you to know about your opinions and suggestions regarding our product.

    Thank you and hoping for your kind response.


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