Monday, October 11, 2010

Food...Love...and Miracles

In the recently concluded Heart Stopping Heart Pounding concert, yours truly was assigned to man and handle the food for 11 bands and a handful of production staff.  The preparation includes looking for caterer who can service the event, the target number of participants and of course a  menu that is "pasok sa budget"...

Luckily there is Kuya Arcie and his beloved wife Ate Be who agreed to cater the event for 130 people.

          Menu - check!
          Budget - check!
          Drinks - check!
          Staff - check!

October 10, 2010 630PM 19 East Bar and Grill..the event started. Dinner is served.

As everybody was busy doing their assigned task, production staff and band members started to eat dinner and drink...they come and go...then come and go...come and go...

This went on for hours...I was trusting that everybody will be able to eat their hearts out and enjoy the event...after 9 hours, this is what I discovered...

The meal that was prepared and intended for 130 people was able to feed about 200 stomachs! Up to the last person who wanted to eat was able to...I was in heaven..."my angels did their magic", I said.

But I guess its more than was a miracle, an everyday miracle to which anybody is capable of doing.  I was again awed by how much LOVE can do to people, things and was unfolded right before my very eyes.

A meal for 130 people fed 200...indeed my love do creates miracles...

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