Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lemon and Ginger Tea

Here is a healthy and refreshing drink that is cheap and easy to can do use this instead of powdered drinks during parties!

1 liter of water
lemon (divided into 4) use 2
4 slices of ginger (about 4cm each)
1 cup white sugar
mint leaves (optional)
ice cubes

1. boil water in a stock pan
2. remove from heat
3. add lemon and ginger. Leave for 30 minutes
4. sweeten with sugar
5. add mint leaves and ice.
6. serve

- you can use honey intead of sugar
- instead of putting ice, you may want to chill the drink before serving
- for more flavor, you may boil the ginger together with the water for 3 minutes then remove before adding the rest of the ingredients

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