Friday, October 8, 2010

Must Haves in Your Kitchen (Part 1)

When I moved out of my parents house and lived independently, the first "room" in my humble abode that I made sure was complete (for me that is) was my kitchen.

It is and will always be a joy to shop, right? But what are the essentials for your kitchen in particular especially for those who are just starting up?  The HOME section of your local department store offers a number of tools and will be blown away for how many types of pots, pans, knives etc are there! The question now is, what to buy?

Let me share with you the things you need and must have in your kitchen for a start...or better yet, to make your life easier when cooking:

1. Invest on a stainless steel saucepan and stock pan.  This way, you will not worry about it rusting.
TIP: bring with you a small magnet like those you put in your fridge :)  Do not be fooled by "stainless steel" labels you can find in the boxes of these pans, they sometimes are not true.  Magnets will not stick to stainless steels, use the magnet to test the pans, then you will be sure that what you are buying are authentic stainless.

2. Buy one (1) non-stick frying pan.  This will be a darling when you fry eggs, can also be use for pan grilling.

3. Another essential is a wok.  Not necessary a cast iron one (though it is a good investment).  Wok can be used for deep and pan frying, stir frying and steaming.  It is very handy most especially if you love garlic rice :)  a wok is the best tool to use for these types of dishes and more.

4.  A sharp knife is an essential too.  You can choose from the most expensive one or the cheapest you can find.  Buy a knife that you are comfortable holding.   Japan Home has a number of knives you can choose from and they are great buys.  Choose those which are sold separately though.  The ones which comes with a kitchen scissor is not good.

5.  Kitchen Scissors.  Never be caught without this tool.

6. Chopping board.  I recommend using a wooden chopping board hard wood in particular.  Just make sure to clean them thoroughly and hang dry after using to avoid bacteria build up. Ideal size is 8" x11" just like a short bond paper =)

7.  Can Opener.

8. Cheese Grater.

9. A soup ladle, a spatula (syanse) for frying and stir frying and sauce ladle.  You may choose from plastic, to wooden to stainless ladles.  Remember though that  you cannot use stainless ladle for non stick pan.
You can buy a ladle set for a cheap prize so you have everything =)

10.  Fruit and Vegetable peeler.

11. Food tong. Buy the big one for cooking and a smaller one for  food serving.

With these essentials, your kitchen moments will be a breeze.

Watch out for Part 2!

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