Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Secret in Cooking

Many of the all-time favorite dishes have the same ingredients and method of cooking, but sometimes we wonder why some of them are extremely delicious that you wonder what's the secret ingredient..ano nga ba?

Remember as a child you always loved mom's cooking? And we always say that the best cook in the world is our mother?

"My mom cooks the best caldereta!" or "Nobody can beat my mom's adobo!".   To the simplest meal to most grandeur menu, our mom is the best cook...for us that is.

I remember as a child when my mom used to make us milk drink, I asked her, "How did you make the milk so delicious? I copied what you did but it did not taste the same, what did you do or put?" My mom's answer was this, "Whenever I make milk for you, I always tell myself that I love my daughter and I want her to feel my love when she drinks this."

The answer is simple. Scrumptious foods are cooked with LOVE.  Cooked and prepared from the heart.

So the next time you prepare any food, remember to whom you are doing it and remember how much you love them and you will never go wrong.  Always have your secret ingredient handy...your LOVE...

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