Thursday, April 28, 2011

Andok's Litson

I'm sure a lot if us Filipinos know what Andok's Litson is.  They are a chain of stores which offers freshly roasted chicken and pork.  How we love them! They are the answers to quick and delicious meal when we don't have time to cook or when a surprise visitor arrived.  The likes of Baliwag Lechon Manok, Sr. San Pedro, Mang Boks, and the recently established Chooks are the contemporaries of Andok's Litson.

In 2004, Andok's opened its first dine-in store in D'Mall located at Boracay Island.  Dine-in stores offers several meals aside from the usual lechon manok and liempo such as sinigang na baboy, lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly), Filipino breakfast meals (the silogs) and more. Andok's Litson has now become a restaurant highly affordable by most Filipino consumers. In a span of one year, several dine-in stores were also opened to the public.

Last week, I and together with my partner, visited their Chino Roces Branch in Makati and ate our lunch there before we raid MCS for DVDs. The food they offer are affordable and really good.  Some of the dishes we ate were, sinigang na baboy, dokito frito (delicous) and mais con yelo.

While waiting for our food to arrived (which actually took 25 minutes) I observed the dining area and I didn't like what I saw.  Our table is sticky, presence of flies, unbussed tables, customers waiting for their food, unclean floors, disorganized condiments area and absence of dining crew to attend to customers requests or inquiries.

Their meals are really delicious but I hope that the management can also take a look at their service most specially their dining area.  I also observed that they were short of manpower that day.  I do understand that since they are short of people, some things were neglected, but I also believed that this can be addressed if properly managed, don't you think?

I will still visit Andok's, don't get me wrong but I hope I'll have a different dining experience this time.

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