Friday, July 29, 2011

Food Trip At Vikings

"Let's go to Vikings! Tuesday, it's a date."

It was the statement (while eating at Fat Michael's) that led 8 of my friends and me to Vikings last Tuesday, July 26th.  Not knowing what I will find there, I said yes and was even eager to do the reservation.

I called the restaurant and made a 7PM dinner reservation for 12 persons (just in case of last minute confirmation).   I was reminded to be there at exactly 7PM or earlier for they will give the table to someone else if no one is there by that time (that's how tight the reservation is).

I was wondering, could it really be that tight?  Could there be so many people on a Tuesday?

Indeed, when a friend of mine arrived at 6:15PM (afraid to lose our table)  there are several people already eating their heart's out. 

We were welcomed by their friendly and very professional staff - smiling and very accommodating.  While taking pictures (I asked and was permitted to do so) I did some interviewing and found out that Vikings opened just last April 2011. They change menu on a weekly and/or daily basis but they have the regulars (dishes) as well.  So as a disclaimer, the array of food that you will see in this post may not be there when you come and visit.

While waiting for my friends to arrive, I took the opportunity to go around  and took some shots.


the menu and price list
 Php888.00 plus 5% service charge is not bad with the number of food one can eat. 

our reserved table

the couch

waiting and smoking area outside

Aside from the different cuisines (which I alctually noticed first) the place is also exquisitely designed and decorated.  I feel like I'm in a cruise ship.

I noticed that a lot of the food looks appetizing, though some don't - probably because I eat first with my eyes.  But then again, I can't wait to taste them all (or as much as my stomach can contain).

As I was listing down (in my brain) what to eat, this notice told me not to get so many when I don't know if I can finish them.

Now for the food.  First stop, Chinese.

patatim, chicken black pepper sauce, steamed fish fillet w/ taosi sauce
peking duck - specialty of the day
What is Chinese food without the dimsums?

hakaw, chicken feet, kutsay, siomai, japanese siomai, sharksfin
Next is the Japanese buffet

garlic butter prawn, japanese fried rice, oyster crab, katsudon
They also have the ramens

and the sushis, makis and sashimis


tako sashimi


These tempuras can be found on the other side of the restaurant where the grilling section is:
vegetable and shrimp tempura

Korean cuisine is also represented

add these to your hot pot
Though I didn't see if there are kimchi, hmmm.

Moving on...


fresh seafoods for grilling

Lengua con Cetas, Minced Pork w/ Eggplant, Chicken w/ Eggplant Casserole

the meats

cold cuts and their partners

i did not get the name, deviled egg, tuna Carppacio

salad bar
and here goes the international dessert section


different kinds of mousse

toppings for frozen yogurt and ice cream

Our very own 'kakanin' (rice cakes)

Eat all you can Halo Halo!

After about 30 minutes of taking pictures (and making mental notes on how to write all of them) it's time to eat. 

Since this is an eat-all-you- can buffet, I needed a strategy.  Take it slow and in batches.  I can do this!

First of, a slice of Vikings Special pizza.  Really good! I'm not a fan of pizza but this one is good.  Thin crust, not oily, cheese and herb pizza

Next on my list were the dimsums.  Their siomai is one of the best (if not the best) siomai I have ever tasted, same with the sharksfin.  Perfectly done!

Now here comes the makis.  As I have mentioned before, I am not a maki person but if their dimsum tastes good, this must be good as well.

left to right: Vikings Jumbo, Philadelphia roll, Mango wrap, Futo Maki
WOW! It was delicious!  I think I am beginning to like makis (less the wasabi, baby steps).

At this point, I'm kinda full.  Eating maki early on must have been wrong, it's kind of heavy. I needed to rest for a minute.  While resting and chatting with friends on how good the food are, I'm already thinking on what to eat next.   Peking Duck.

Twice have I visited the area, no more peking duck.  The cooks are still making them :(  Good thing a friend of mine was able to get some, I took a bite and again, I have no complaints.  It was good.  

shrimp tempura - perfect, fresh and juicy
Lengua con Cetas - melts in your mouth, creamy
baked oysters (my first time) - fresh and creamy
cold shrimp - fresh and tender
garlic butter prawns - tastes good but kind of over cooked

One hour of eating and I haven't tasted anything that I don't like except maybe for the Salmon Lasagna.  But then again, don't take my word for it for I really am not fond of gourmet fishes except for dory.  

I almost forgot to drink (or maybe I don't want to drink to save tummy space)

juices, sodas and coffee
Juice for me.  I don't drink sodas.  By the way, they also have draft beer in this section. 

For dessert, I had coffee ice cream with peanut toppings.  The ice cream tastes like instant coffee and is not creamy.  Forgivable.  Yogurt tastes okay but texture is not smooth.  It's like sorbet, as a friend of mine described it.  I like their brownies though - moist and dense (I had this early on while I was taking pictures).

While we are dining and enjoying our food, waiters are roaming around getting our used and empty plates (with our permission of course).  We don't need to call them to bus tables.  Anyway, plates are found in each section so getting a new one is no hassle.

I can absolutely say that I got my money's worth, not only for the tons of dishes one can choose from but also for the taste - it is generally delicious.  My only comment is, I didn't find authentic Filipino dishes (kare-kare, bulalo, etc.).  Maybe not on that day, I don't know, I failed to ask. Sorry :)

As my friends have said, we will definitely go back...but not for the next six months for we might end up with a 300lbs body if we do this on a weekly basis (even if we want to).

For more information about Vikings, you may visit their website.  I recommend making a reservation at least a day before you dine so you won't end up waiting for a table to clear.  NOTE: Dinner reservations are only until 7PM. 


  1. I was thinking of going to Vikings for quite some time, its definitely a yes to Vikings for me after reading your blog. My daughters will love you.

    and nice site, too.

    1. oh wow! thanks! you'll love vikings definitely :)

      share your experience when you visit, will you?

      happy eating!


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