Monday, July 18, 2011

Toro Restaurant & Bar

It was around 8PM when we (Bokk and I) arrived at Toro Restaurant and Bar with two of our friends already waiting.  Upon entering the place, we were welcomed by this mural of a woman. 

Since I called earlier that day for a reservation, this pretty little thing is waiting at the table.

Such a sweet thing to welcome guests!  But since my friends, who have 'extraordinary sensing abilities' find it creepy to stay near the woman artwork, we opted to dine outside.  While the three (3) of them went out, I scanned the interior and took some pictures. I was kind of shy to do this so I only have a few.

the bar
the bar (another angle)
table setting outside (the silver thing is an ashtray)

the cutlery
no need to worry where to park the car
Upon browsing the menu, we decided to have Miso Soup (Php200.00) for starters.  One serving is good for two.

"Always order miso soup in a Japanese restaurant especially when it is your first visit."  That is Bokk speaking.  She said that if their miso soup tastes good, the rest of the food is great as well for miso soup is a staple dish of the Japanese. 

Toro's miso soup is served in a tea pot and poured infront of the guest.  I find the dish different for it has shitake mushrooms (they use the fresh one).  It was the first time that I had my miso soup with such.  It tastes okay, not over the top but okay and different.

Next on the roster of our orders is the California Maki (Php280.00).

This I LOVE! I am not a 'maki' person. But this one,  I like.  instead of tuna, their version of this popular maki has shrimp instead.  Also, aside from fish raw it has sakura denbu, the pink one. Of course it was serve with the wasabi (I don't eat wasabi) and Japanese soy sauce. If there is one thing that I will go back for at Toro, it's the California 'pink' Maki :-).

For the main dish, we decided to get their specials - Miso-Marinated Chilean Sea Bass (Php680.00),

and Pan Roasted French Duck (Php580.00).

The sea bass arrived first.  It was served on a bed of spinach, lime mash potato and ten shoyu sauce topped with mango coriander salsa .  

I am not really a fan of fish.  I only eat cream dory, tilapia and round scad, sometimes milk fish.  That night, I choose the adventure of eating sea bass hoping that I will have a change of heart towards fish, unfortunately, I tasted the fishy (lansa) flavor of the fish.   They could have done better on the if the skin of the fish was removed. My five cents.

On the positive note, the fish is fresh and tender.   The mash potato and wilted spinach is okay.  I skipped eating the salsa for I don't like the taste of coriander. No offense to Toro, I just don't like the taste of coriander.

While we are eating the sea bass, the Pan Fried French Duck arrived.  Look sumptuous.  It was again served on a bed of garlic spinach, balsamic teriyaki sauce and mash sweet potato with olive oil topped with glazed pineapple.  

The combination of the different flavors on the Pan Fried French duck is perfect. I love the glazed pineapple and the mash sweet potato.  My only comment is that the duck is not tender.  My teeth had a little battle with it first before I can swallow.

After the main dishes were served, I was wondering where our Toro Caesar Salad is.  When I asked the friendly staff (his name is Jap) about it, he said that we did not order anything.  Bokk confirmed, we did not order.  And so we requested for one.

The Toro Caesar Salad arrived in an unusual plating presentation.

Jap, probably have seen the look of surprise in my face (though I tried to conceal it) offered to mix the salad for us, I of course gladly said yes.  Don't get me wrong, not that I didn't like the presentation, its just that, I'd rather have my salad already mixed when served.

And the mixed Caesar salad came...

It's the typical Ceasar salad, the difference is it has shrimp tempura (with tempura sauce on the side) and it doesn't have parmesan cheese.  Probably I'm just used to having cheese on my salad.

After about 2 hours of eating and chatting, I'm full.  Both from the food and from the stories. I would say that I had a great time - an awesome and fun night spent with friends while feasting on new and different-tasting dishes from Toro.

Toro Restaurant and Bar opened last April 1, 2011 and is now on their soft opening.  If you want to know more about this Japanese-Mexican fusion restaurant, you may check their website or visit them yourself at One McKinley Place, Bonifacio Global City and be welcomed by the warmest and most friendly staff I have ever experienced!

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