Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hotdogs and English Muffins

Another lazy Saturday and I don't know what to eat for lunch.  I really don't want to eat but my tummy is telling me to.

So I went to the fridge and made myself an open sandwich out of hotdogs, coleslaw, mushroom and English muffins.

I sliced the muffin in half and pan toasted everything (except for the coleslaw) and assembled them in this order for my visual delight.

tomato catsup

open hotdog and coleslaw sandwich
I finished the two sandwiches in 5 minutes (didn't think I'm that hungry). Though I think it will taste better (not that I'm saying that it is not) if I have used cheese franks instead of regular hotdog.   Oh well, I can do this again tomorrow.

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