Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Keep Store-Bought Herbs Fresh Longer

I usually buy dried herbs for they are easier to store.  But sometimes, I'd like to have some fresh herbs ready for my usage.  Unfortunately, I don't have an herb garden.  My take was, since I don't have an herb garden, I have to do with my dried herbs or buy fresh ones when I have to use them, right away.

Accidentally, in one of my Internet surfing moments, I stumble upon an article about the do's and dont's on storing basil (I just can't find that site anymore so I can put the link here).  As far as I can remember, the food fact mentioned that basil is best stored at room temperature for they (basil) hate cold temp.  It will wilt immediately the day after it was stored in the fridge.

So that is why...

Last Saturday (with the aforementioned tip) I bought some basil in the supermarket.  It's packed in styro and plastic wrap.  Kind-off almost wilted. When I arrived home I was excited to try the new found knowledge and cut the stems and dip them in water.

After 4 days, my basil were reborn and is still alive. Yes! We'll see until when I can keep these basils fresh. :-)

According to some articles, same method can be done for cilantro, parsley and other fresh herbs.

Now I think I can buy fresh herbs and store them for weeks.

How to Keep Fresh Herbs Fresh
How to Store Parsley, Cilantro and other Fresh Herbs by Simply Recipes

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