Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Look! I Have My Own Herb Pot

I have been thinking of having my homegrown herbs but I am living in a condo and I don't have a garden, I don't know how to take care of plants, and I think I do not have the green thumb :(

Fortunately, Bokk is there. Yesterday, we bought some sweet basil, parsley and Italian parsley - few of what I mostly use.  We bought some gardening tools too for a start.  I didn't know that there is such things as 'soil-less' gardening until yesterday.  All thanks to ACE hardware and a knowledgeable saleslady, she introduced us to the 'soil' perfectly mixed for herbs!

Bokk did all the gardening while I watch, hahaha!  And hand-over things she need, the least I can do :-)  We placed some barbecue sticks around coz I think they are still regaining strength from being uprooted from their used to be small pots :-)

Look how pretty they are!

Will they grow? How long will they last? I really don't know.  I'm crossing my fingers :)

The left most pot (in the picture above) is the pandan I used to tend in water alone, hope it grows too!

This pot, by the way, is placed at the fire exit of our unit.

Do you know some herb gardening tips? I badly need some, please do share!


  1. Cute! As long as there's a good source of light and they don't dry out, herbs are pretty easy to grow in pots. My problems with them come from inadequate light from trying to grow indoors--which will make any plant leggy (tall and sparse foliage instead of short and bushy--you can help encourage them to remain short and bushy by pinching off the tops regularly). Good luck!

  2. oh wow! thanks, i think they have adequate light, but as of this writting, they are wilting already. i spray water every morning and keep soil damp..i just don't know what happened :(


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