Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Brilliant Tripod

If you didn't know, I actually use point and shoot camera in all my food shots. And the normal shake of hands makes the picture blurry.  This tripod is a savior!

I called it 'brilliant' because it is flexible. 

So flexible you can tie it around a chair:

Rest it above a sofa:

and even collapse it to your liking.

It actually looks like an alien to me or a spider.  My mom was even scared when she first saw this thing. LOL :)

It really helped me to take close up shots. Glad that gadgets like these are being invented by equally 'brilliant people'.

I'll soon write about things I learned in food photography.  So please do come back!

If there is a single gadget or item that helps you most in food blogging, what is it?


  1. my camera helps me so much with blogging...it was the main reason why i started blogging! :)

  2. Tripod definitely helps a lot in stabilizing the shots. This one is really appropriate for smaller camera and for tabletop shooting. Cute! It looks like a little pet, LOL!

  3. calling it a 'pet' is really cool! this comment made me smile :)thanks Ray!


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