Thursday, September 22, 2011

RiceLove : Palitaw (Flat Rice Cake)

This entry was made possible because of the undying support of a new found friend that I came to love in the name of Betty Ann Quirino (I call her Tita or Aunt) owner of Asian in America and The Queen's Notebook. 

Our first encounter was when I joined Kulinarya Cooking Club where she is also a member and there was an instant connection (my point of view).  From then on, this wonderful woman guided me through the world of blogging and pushed me to do things I didn't imagine I would do, like baking for instance.  I always feel her support and imaginary hand holding mine and telling me I can do it.  And with that I am grateful...and blessed.  If only I can send some of these goodies to her across the globe, I would.

This post is my entry to Love Blog Hop with the September theme #ricelove. Thanks again to Tita Betty for introducing me to Junia Kim, the event leader and owner of Mis Pensamientos.

As you would know, Filipinos are rice lovers as most Asians are.  Most Filipinos cannot survive without eating rice or should I say, a meal for a Pinoy is incomplete without rice.  Since we are an agricultural country where rice is a staple food and primary produced crop, rice dishes are everywhere and one of which is this Filipino favorite called "Palitaw".

Palitaw in English means to surface. This, I believe, is where this flat rice cake got its name for it surfaces or floats on boiling water when they are cooked. Interesting, huh?

This Philippine delicacy is so easy to make if you will do it the modern way.  Back in the days, glutinous rice will be soaked in water (overnight), drained and grinded before you can make a Palitaw.  Now we have glutinous rice flour available in the supermarkets which just makes our lives much easier, don't you think so?

2 Tbsp sesame seeds
1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup grated mature coconut meat
2 cups glutinous rice flour
3/4 cups cold water
water for boiling

In a wok or pan, roast sesame seeds until golden brown.  Careful not to burn so roast over low heat.

Using a pestle, gently press the seeds to release flavor.

Combine sesame seeds, sugar and grated coconut meat. Set aside.  NOTE: You may save some sesame seeds for toppings later.

In a bowl, combine glutinous rice flour and water.  Mix well until you produce a dough.

Dough must be smooth but not watery, just enough so you can make a ball without it sticking to your hands.

This is a friendly dough, no need to worry about over kneading or water-flour proportion.  If dough is watery, add some flour and vice versa. *wink*

Fill a sauteing pan, or any pan with water enough to cover the palitaw and make it float. Bring to boil.

Form small balls using the dough and flatten them using your thumb to create an oval shape or any shape you want as long as they are flat. 

Drop each flatten ball into the boiling water and wait for it to float. Takes about less than a minute.

notice some palitaw are still at the bottom of the pan? This means they are not yet cooked

SUGGESTION: Create balls and cook them right away.  Balls left on a plate tends to break when pulled.  Better to drop them in the boiling water right after you created the desired shape.

Remove cooked palitaw from the boiling water draining as much liquid as possible.  Coat them with the coconut mixture.

And you are done!

ANOTHER SUGGESTION: If grated coconut meat is not available, a butter caramel sauce can also be used as a replacement for the sesame-coconut-sugar coating *wink*


  1. PALITAW!!! It's my favorite! You are so brave in the kitchen, I can't help but feel amazed with your every post!

  2. Oh, Dudut, you are so sweet and kind to dedicate this to me. I am so touched. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for your kindness, support and friendship! God bless and keep cooking, writing and doing everything you love to do !

  3. YAY for Ricelove! Your rice cakes look great!

  4. my mom used to make palitaw...loved the toasted sesame seeds with coconuts and sugars.

    great foodies here at ur site. followed u now via twitter. (queenraniaclare)

  5. @yummy : Thanks dear! back at your posts too :)

    @Betty Ann : as i have said, this is the least i could do for all your support. thanks again!

    @An ; thay tastes good too! glad i was ablt to make it to #ricelove

    @imriz : thanks for dropping by and for your sweet comments. i'm glad you like my site :)

  6. Your ricecakes have inspired me to hae a go at making some of my own. Wonderful, thank you.

  7. I'm hungry for palitaw! The photos are sooo pretty.:)

  8. @shaheen - thanks for visiting! glad you like the rice cakes!

    @oggi - missing Filipino food? :) thanks for liking the photos, appreciate it much! thanks for visiting :)

  9. WOW. this looks delicious!!! love the idea of sesame and coconut together! fabulous combo. welcome to #ricelove :)

  10. @ Junia - thanks for appreciating the dish and thank you for the warm welcome!

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