Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Eats...and Finds #002

It was supposed to be a lazy weekend...lazy for me meaning coach potato - stay in the house weekend.  It did not happened that way.  I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong... I was actually happy it turned out memorable, fun and I could say productive!  I'll tell you later why productive *wink*

Let me start by sharing with you my weekend eats


I haven't been to this place for quite a while now for I can normally be found within the Fort or Serendra or Bonifacio High Street, not Makati and I was surprised to find a number of new stalls which I am not familiar with like this tea store: GONG CHA

It was after lunch (we had ours at SM Food Court) and the line in this store was long.  I got curious and B said they serve nice tea that's why.  So we browsed their menu and made our choices.

They even adjust the sugar level of your drink to your liking.

I had Taro milk tea and B got the Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon tea.

Okay, they misspelled my name.  This is not new.  I'm beginning to get used to my name not being spelled correctly - happened many times in coffee shops *wink*

It has no difference from what Quickly is serving.  Well, I was again on the safe side.  My bad.

This drink was amazing! I should have tried their house specialties!  NOTE TO SELF: do not be afraid to try something new.


B loves takuyaki so we ordered one at Maru Maru. Php68 for 6 pieces.

B was not impressed. So do I.


Another new (for me) so I got siomai (Php25) and chicken feet (Php50)

The condiments that goes with this is usually soy sauce and kalamansi only but this store's version has oyster sauce in it! I was impressed and was excited to taste it.

Sauce was nice but the dimsum was not.  Unfortunately, it was cold on the inside.  Just my luck maybe.

Chicken feet was great though.

Saturday ended by watching Zombadings where a good friend of hours is one of the actresses.  A light and fun movie.

Sunday started with us paying some bills and promised to go straight home after eating lunch to do that lazy Sunday at the very least.  We ate at Market!Market! food court's Samurai Balls.

Since B was disappointed with the takuyaki of the previous day, we ordered one here.

Samurai Balls' Takuyaki never fails to delight B.

B ordered Ramen

and Katsudon for me.

Both meals are great! Not Japanese standard great but not bad at all.  It's cheap and satisfying.

The day did not end the way we wanted it for we met a dear friend and bumped into another friend and the lazy Sunday became a chatting Sunday.  We ate early dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Bonifacio High Street and ended the day with desserts at 1521.

What a lovely weekend it was!

Oh, about the productive weekend?  Let's just say, I'm about to embark in a journey that I have always dreamed of doing.  Thanks to our friend and Kuya C, this is now within my reach.  To give you a hint, this has something to do with food and meeting friends!

I will keep you posted, I promise!

Till my next weekend adventure!

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  1. sarap ng food trip nyo! :)
    hmmm, i wonder what that journey and dream of yours is, that's already within your reach! lots of luck, Dudut!

    appreciate much your sharing this weekend eats over at Food Friday
    enjoy the rest of the week!

    ps. first time i tried takoyaki was at octoboy and we all loved it...

  2. ahaha! ayos ang food trip! i'll keep you posted on that 'dream''s gonna be exciting!

  3. was here visited :) pag nakagrad na ko, gusto ko din po magfoodtrip. :) kapag pag pera na ko. mehehe. :)

  4. wow, everything looks delicious...natakam ako sa mga foods, ang dami! thanks for sharing. visiting super late from last week's FF, hope you can still visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)

  5. Hello Dudut,

    thanks for dropping by also for the WBFC.

    I say that you were organiser planner, which kind ? Gourmet ?

    I have notice that your image doesn't appears beside your comment in my blog, check this post if you want to be recognize by the bloggers your are commenting.

    take care nice day


  6. gong cha's wintermelon milk tea is yummy!!


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