Saturday, April 21, 2012

Visita Iglesia : The FOOD Part

As I have promised in my latest post about Visita Iglesia : A Catholic Tradition, here is the continuation of that adventure, the one that talks about the food part.

The trip was like a fiesta, a food fair.  Street foods line the streets and corners where churches are located. Name it, they have it!

a makeshift food stall along the sides of San Miguel Cathedral

Most popular Filipino street foods present are fish balls, kikiam, battered quail eggs which is popularly called as "kwek-kwek" (the orange one in the picture above) and squidballs. They are deep fried and served with different sauces - sweet, sweet and sour or sweet and spicy.

The other favorites such as barbecued pork, chicken and pork insides are nowhere to be found, maybe because abstinence (from meat) is being observed by most.

Congee or lugaw or Arrozcaldo is also a favorite

I actually held back on eating all of them for we are, in the first place, in the praying mode.  We, or I,  should at least refrain from eating all the way.

But I can't help it! With lots of food surrounding me, how can I?

After the two stations we had at St. Pio Chapel (4th church in our list), I urged B and Kuya C (a brother-like friend of ours) to eat at Bon Chon and guess what he told me?  "I thought we are here to pray? You've been eating since we started!"  he said this smiling though.  He gave in anyway, he loves me that much *wink*

B and Kuya C stuck at eating less so they ordered Korean yogurts.

Bon Chon's blueberry and banana caramel yogurt

I ordered Fish and Chips.  I seriously, with all my heart, love this!

Food adventure did not stop there.

After we finished the 7 churches, we dined at Bali Seafood Paluto in Tagaytay.

Probably hungry, they ordered this:

Bali Bulalo (Beef Knuckles Soup)

Sooo big!  We literally had wide eyes when this was served.  This can probably feed around five people and we are only three. I did not eat though for I was on a no-meat diet that week.

Since they are not aware that the Bulalo will be that big, they have steamed oysters to finish.

Bali Steamed Fresh Oysters

Those, plus cups of steamed white rice.

I made my stomach full with this:

Bali Fresh Lumpiang Ubod

Lumpiang Ubod (Heart of Palm Spring Rolls)  is a sauteed ubod wrapped in an egg wrapper and is served with a luscious sweet and salty sauce plus crushed peanuts.  In this case, the sauce has pureed peanuts in it already which I love very much!  Serving is also big, good for two.

Oh, and by the way, did you see the small fried fishes at the left hand corner of the picture?  That is Crispy Tawilis.  They have to eat those too!

I'm staying light so I decided to end my meal with Fresh Young Coconut juice, and meat :')

Did we finish everything? The lumpia, yes but not the Bulalo.  We ended up taking home half of it *wink*
So you see, it may have been a tiring day but no food lover's soul cannot be nourished with these tummy filling and mouth watering meals!  It was all worth it!


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