Sunday, February 2, 2014

Project Rice Cooker Cake: A Come Back

In the midst of so many things happening in my personal and professional life, don't ever think that I never thought of going back here.  Here where my passion and my creativity is nurtured and cultivated.

So yeah, I'm going back.  May not be as often as I used to but I will definitely find time to connect with you and continue where we left of.  Sounds like I am rekindling a relationship, huh?

It's been 7 months since I left  my 'used be home' and decided to live alone.  Yeah, on my own. You may think that since I am now living alone, I have more the time to cook.  You may be right, but then again, I do not have anyone to cook for.  Let alone eat everything I cook.  Plus the fact I got a smaller kitchen and lesser kitchen gadgets. But don't get me wrong, I am more than happy where I am now.

Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake
So, the course has been changed.  I am now in pursuit of easy, quick and good for one or maybe good for two dishes (Well, I have been cooking for two, haven't I?) And my first attempt is this project. Bake a cake using the rice cooker.  I do not have an oven yet and I miss baking.  Hell, I miss spending time in the kitchen, period!

During one of those laid back weekends (which comes rare now), I came across this collection of recipes you can make using your good-o'l-only-cook-rice kitchen appliance called the rice cooker.  For a foodie that I am, the article amazed me and told myself that I will make some of those one of these days. The things you discover in the internet!  21 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Rice Cooker

I used to do cakes and muffins (goodies I used to bake) from scratch. But for this project, I bought a pre-mixed chocolate cake to try on.

There is no exact recipe.  Just follow the instructions on the box, put the mixture into your rice cooker and wait for the magic to happen.
Chocolate Cake Mixture

Here are some reminders though when making this cake using this method:
1.  The power of your rice cooker will determine the length to which the cake will be done.
2.  It takes a while. Your patience is needed
3.  Remember that the cake will expand.  Make sure you have enough room for this in your rice cooker - about another half of the uncooked mixture.
4.  Check your cake after 20 minutes. Then every 15 minutes thereafter.  You do not want a dry and burnt cake, do you?
5.  Cake will be done in 1 hour 30 minutes or up to 2 hours.  In 'Keep Warm' mode.
30 minutes after

This was what happened when I 'baked' the cake - I burnt the bottom of it.  You know why?  I forced the rice cooker on the cook mode instead of let it sit on 'keep warm'.  Sometimes the impatient me is getting me into trouble. I have to remind myself that patience is a virtue (wink).

Here is what you have to do so as not to commit the same mistake I did.  Once you pour on the mixture of the cake in the rice cooker, press the lever or push the button - whatever your rice cooker tells you to do when you are cooking rice.  When it shifted to keep warm mode, LEAVE it that way and wait. Wait until center is soft enough to be eaten but not raw. REMEMBER, the heat of the rice cooker is enough to cook your cake.

I may have a burnt bottom cake but the rest are good! Gooey and moist.  Good enough that I was not ashamed to share it with friends.  Not bad for an out-of-the-box, more so baked cake using a rice cooker!

Next thing I will do using this method of baking is an upside down cake.  You see, if you really want something, you will make it happen.  I just did!

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