Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bacon and Ham Wrap

 Since I work from home, I seldom cook for myself.  I would usually eat leftovers or suit myself with a sandwich and sometimes instant noodles (don't imitate, bad).  

And just like any day that I am alone in the house doing stuff, I decided to re-create the wrap I made Bokk one morning for her breakfast.  Remember the day I posted about the Honey Mustard Dressing? It's the same day I made this wrap.  

I know, I know, bacon and any processed meat is not very good for your health, but they are so yummy, aren't they?  My friends reminded me on this already, "go easy on the calories", another one said "go easy on processed meat... not good for you".  I have such good friends, I love them!  But indulging sometimes won't hurt, would it? So to 'lessen' the guilt, I put several fresh ingredients to this recipe.  Lettuce and tomatoes are healthy, right?

Okay, enough of that!  Here's the recipe for the Bacon and Ham Wrap.  Reward yourself, you deserve!

soft tortilla bread
romaine lettuce
tomato, seeds removed and diced
cooked bacon, diced approx. 2 rashers (you can add more)
cooked ham, diced approx 2 slices
grated cheddar cheese (as much as you want)
alfalfa sprouts, about half a cup (or more)


1.  You may opt to heat the tortilla bread over dry skillet (no oil whatsoever)  for a few seconds.  But if you want it cold or at room temperature, skip this step.
2.  Spread some honey mustard dressing.

3.  Assemble the ingredients.  Lettuce, ham and bacon (you may add few more dressing if you want), tomato, cheese and alfalfa sprouts.

4. Roll the tortilla bread to 'wrap' the ingredients together securing one end to prevent filling from falling.

5.  Eat your heart out!  

Go and experiment!  Replace honey mustard with any dressing you have in your fridge and put on some left over roasted chicken or tuna or pepperoni and you'll have your own version of 'wrap'. Go crazy and don't forget to enjoy your meal!


  1. Naykopo that looks SO good! :) LOVE the look of your blog, sweetie! :) (try subscribing to Networked Blogs sa FB, so your blog automatically updates there and twitter whenever you post :)

  2. oh, thanks coach! will check it out...try the recipe and have Mark eat some. hope he can eat stuffs like this na :)


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