Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Eats...and Finds #003

Before I take you on my weekend eats, let me share with you a realization or better to say, an idea.  Since this is my third entry to the Weekend Eats...and Finds, I thought why not make it a series?  And since most of the time I am out somewhere during a weekend, I guess I won't run out of things to share - food in particular.  Would you care to join me if I open this to public?

Mechanics would be simple, share a post of your Weekend Eats...and Finds, something that you have discovered or tasted for the first time.  It doesn't matter if what you have found has been in the market for a long time, what's important is IT WAS YOUR FIRST TIME.  Will you be interested to participate? 

Think about it, will you? *wink*

While you are contemplating about what I have just said, let me show you where I was yesterday - S&R Membership Shopping.  Okay, I was not doing my grocery there.  A couple of friends of B and I invited us to have dinner with them in one of the restaurants in Serendra.  While we are in transit (from my mom's house in Caloocan), our friend called and told us to proceed to S&R instead.
"Why S&R?", I asked B "What can we eat at S&R?"
"There is a food area there where we can eat."
(How come B knows and I don't? hmmm...)

I was thinking that I will see a food court-like dining area where kiosks are lined up selling their stuff.  But no.  I was actually surprised to find this:

The S&R New York Style Pizza.

I may sound ignorant, but is this how pizza houses in the states are?  All you can consume onions and pickles? And mayonnaise?

and refillable drinks?

However it is, this is fun!

Here are the food we ordered:

Combi Pizza of Garlic Shrimp and Pepperoni - I like the dough and the toppings, they are BIG too! But you can order in slices *wink*

Clam Chowder.  This is amazing!  I actually joked about requesting for a cooked pasta to come with the chowder for it was thick and was very delicious.

French Fries - Made with real potatoes was not very oily. I ate it with tomato catsup and mayonnaise. Lovely!

See that elongated thing on the upper right?  That is the Bavarian Filled Churros.

You're in for a surprise in every bite of this creation.

Chicken Baked Roll - chicken, bacon, mozzarella and chives plus crusty but soft bread.  Heavy on the tummy, you know?  If you order this, you'll have two pieces of this size.

and of course the drinks - Since I don't drink soda, I got myself an orange juice. 

It was a lovely dinner (I was so full) and an amazing discovery!  Good food plus amazing friends, simply unforgettable!

Now, what do you think of the Weekend Eats...and Finds?  Wouldn't it be lovely to share each other's discoveries?

Weekend Eats...and Finds entries so far:


  1. I love S&R's clam chowder and chicken baked roll. Their fries are great too although I'm used to the thinner versions. :)

  2. oooh! Yummy! Just feel like having that yummy pizza, glad to follow you :)

  3. lovely post and site nice to meet you

  4. @guia - sarap noh? i;m actually thinking of replicating it, if i!

    @umm Mymoonah - thanks for the follow! yeah, it was yummy!

    @Akheela - thanks and nice to meet you too!

  5. I grew up in NJ and no that is not a good representation of what NY pizza is like, that is what we have in the states known more as fast food pizza. Sadly everyone says their pizza is like NY pizza when it isn't. Looks like the club type warehouse stores called Sams and Costco. Glad you enjoyed you day with friend though!

  6. i uber love their pizza esp. cheese and garlic & shrimp (my family loves pepperoni too), cinnamon churros and their giant muffins! :D


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