Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Happened to My Herb Pot

Remember my first post on my herb pot?  Remember how pretty they look?  Well, unfortunately, they died :(  The only plant left alive after 7 days is the Italian Flat Parsley.

I really don't know what happened.  I spray water every morning so as not to drown them. They have adequate light, though not direct sunlight.  The soil, I believe has, enough nutrients for it was produced specifically for herbs (as the package says).  I really don't know...sigh!

The basil also died.  The one in the picture is a new one.  These are cut basils I bought the same time with the herbs.  I put them in water, just like I told you on how to take care of your herbs.  They grew roots! So I decided to plant them.  Let's hope they keep growing...

While cleaning the pot from dried leaves of parsley and basil, I found this tiny thing growing where the parsley used to be:

Hmmm, could it be parsley? Or grass? I hope not grass.  We'll see in the next couple of days if this will continue to grow and I'll sure tell you what it is!

Can you help me identify the reason/s why the parsley and basil died? I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Perhaps the dingo ate your parsley.

    Or a caterpillar. Or a bunny.

  2. I think it has something to do with the replanting. I remember one time, sis and I bought tiny seedlings of basil at the weekend market, and because there were three seedlings in the pot, we decided to replant them in individual pots when they got a little bigger. Contacting the farmer who initially planted the basil, he said we could use any kind of soil because it is already "alive," but even if we bought the "best" soil in the market, the seedlings still died after a few weeks.

    We still hope to have an herb garden, but I think this time we will just go and buy the seeds and plant them so we don't have to replant them when they grew.

  3. thanks Jen! appreciate your input :) i'll probably try that too!

  4. I also tried growing an herb garden but I don't think herbs like me very much...

  5. I'm having a hard time growing herbs here!

  6. I'm crossing my fingers that your herbs would grow this time. I think you're doing the right thing by not watering them too much. But I'd place them where they can get some direct sunlight. Our basil gets morning sunlight while the rest of our herbs -- rosemary, parsley, and sage get afternoon sunlight. Experiment and see where they thrive. Have fun!!

    By the way, I wish I could grow pandan here. It's just too cold for them. Not enough sun.

  7. I've tried to grow fresh herbs too pero that only thing that are still alive is my rosemary and bayleaf...good luck! to your little herb garden=)

  8. I have the same problem! :(

    I'm scared to plant again. Huhu.

  9. i grow herbs easily . . . they need a lot of sunshine and minimal watering . . .


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